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Recommended Visual Studio Configuration for .NET Core Development

Visual Studio has always been a good friend to .NET developers, although VS Code can do .NET Core development, VS is still having a lot advantages. Let's see how to make Visual Studio more handy for .NET Core development. Basic Configuration First, please be advised, not all versions of Visual Studio supports .NET Core development, even some early version of VS2017. Some people may mistake …

Visual Studio .NET Core

Automate Windows 10 Developer Machine Setup

One of the things programmers hate most is probably setup a computer. Because the programmer's computer environment configuration is very different from normal people. In general, it takes several hours to manually install a new development machine. Let this process automating, after all, the essence of programming is to let complex things simplify, find a way to be lazy! In fact, automatic …

Windows PowerShell Choco

Install Linux Subsystem on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

In the recent Windows 10 v1709 Fall Creators Update, the Windows subsystem for Linux has been improved a lot. Let's see how easy it is now to install Linux on Windows. 1. Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux Because the classic control panel has been hidden, now the quickest way to access Programs and Features is to run appwiz.cpl And then check "Windows Subsystem for Linux" under "Turn …

Windows Linux

如何让Surface RT的开始屏幕显示4行磁贴

昨天Surface RT启动后,开始屏幕突然变成了4行磁贴。虽然感觉比较惊讶,蛋说实话,4行还是比3行的可用性高一点。不过重启Surface以后,就还原成3行了,怀疑这是Windows判别显示器大小时候的一个bug。 经过一番研究,在Windows 8(Windows RT)上,开始屏幕显示多少行磁贴,是由Windows自动决定的,主要取决于屏幕分辨率以及屏幕大小。在Surface的1366x768、10.1,10.6寸屏上,默认显示3行,并且不提供设置选项。 不过,1366x768的分辨率在较大的屏幕上(14.1、15.4寸),是可以显示4行磁贴的。在其他分辨率的设备上,也是如此。但是Windows没有提供手动设置的地方,所以我们只能改注册表强撸。 下面的注册表设置,只适合Surface RT,Windows 8(非RT)用户请勿尝试,小心灰飞烟灭。 Windows …

Surface Windows 8

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